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Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a vital task within any organization, which is why Business Analyst is one of the fastest growing careers in America. At NSR, we work with BA’s who have the experience and knowledge needed to help create successful business solutions within a wide range of industries. Whether it’s technology, financial, retail, healthcare, government, or just about anything else, our BA’s have the depth of skills needed to streamline the overall business process, and deliver effective results.

What is the role of a Business Analyst?

The Business Analyst helps an organization reshape itself by working to define the overall business requirements and create deliverables that will meet the needs of the stakeholders. BA’s work with other project members in order to develop solutions to the problems the business is facing, and facilitate those changes throughout the organization.

Some Business Analysts are involved in a more technical role, creating a need for Business Systems Analysts, or BSA’s. Just like with BA’s, the BSA also works within an organization to help define business needs, but with an emphasis on those needs related to technology. BSA’s are knowledgeable within specific software applications and technology infrastructures, helping the organization to create effective solutions that will provide overall improvement within the company’s IT strategy.

Project Management

Projects are provisional efforts put in place by an organization in order to produce a specific result. Projects can vary in scope, covering areas such as marketing, asset management, brokerage and finance, healthcare, software development and implementation, and many others. To lead these projects, organizations need a Project Manager with the right balance of skills and experience to ensure its ultimate success.

What is the role of a Project Manager?

Project Managers work throughout the entire duration of a project, ensuring that each step of the process is executed effectively and efficiently. PM’s must be able to communicate well with everyone involved, from stakeholders to other members of the project team.  Although they are generally tasked with managing the project as a whole, PM’s must be able to focus in on the small, yet important, details when needed, without losing sight of the big picture.

NSR works with PM’s of various backgrounds in order to meet the needs of our clients. We have PM consultants ranging from entry-level to PMP certified, with skills covering a variety of different methods and technologies.