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Business Intelligence encompasses the many applications, tools, and methodologies used to analyze data and present information that will help an organization make better business decisions. BI can be used in many ways, from helping to increase company revenue, improving the level of operating efficiency, or bettering the organization’s customer satisfaction levels. With BI, companies have the ability to implement systems based specifically on what data they can obtain and what they hope to achieve in the end, helping the organization gain a competitive advantage within the ever-growing marketplace. Regardless of the size of the organization, what industry it belongs to, or what the desired outcome is, the goal of utilizing BI is to help companies make smarter decisions and improve their overall performance. 

Within business intelligence lies data management, which includes a broad spectrum of applications used throughout the entire BI system. Data management involves a cycle of obtaining the data, ensuring its accuracy, integrating the various types together, and keeping the overall data management strategy in line with the business objective. Effective data management practices are a key part to the success of any BI system.

NorthShore Resources has consultants who are experienced within all areas of the Business Intelligence and Data Management cycles. They have worked in a variety of roles, helping numerous clients make better business decisions. Some of the roles that our consultants have taken on are: